Friday, July 7, 2017

Unseen 1968 Marie Severin HULK Annual Cover Art! Silver Age Sensation!

You read right! Below we have even more original comic art by mirthful Marie Severin!  Sure, everyone knows (and loves) jocular Jim Steranko's iconic '68 HULK annual cover (click here for it, and how Marie Severin was involved in that, too), but here is the unused and unseen original cover for that sublime Silver Age bombshell! Tho very different from the published version, Marie swoops in with action, drama, movement, and Marvel magic! Marie somehow fits in not only ol' Greenskin, but also Black Bolt and the rest of the irascible Inhuman gang! Click below to enlarge!

Above, left: The original unused Marie Severin cover art for
HULK annual #1, and (right) the published Steranko cover!
Note (on the original art) the autograph from editor/writer Roy Thomas!
Big (Glee) thanks to comics fan Narayan Skye for the above art scan!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Monkees in 1977! Rare Vintage 60s Clippings! Mick Jagger Loves HEAD? Article and Pics!

Here we go again with another wheelbarrow-load of Monkees rarities! Some very rare vintage newspaper clippings! Peek behind the scenes of a 1977 16 MAGAZINE photo session! Look into recent articles and updates on the group! Click each image below to enlarge and inspect!

Above five images: A recent fabulous HEAD retrospective, from the magical MOJO magazine!
Can that Mick Jagger anecdote be true?!

Above: A 1967 report of the Monkees' live show! 
Thanks to Maureen Carney for the above!

Above two images: Rare 60's clippings detailing Mike's dizzying rise to fame!
Some very interesting observations...."You're asking me rotten questions..."

Above three images: Some rare and insightful 1967-69 clippings!
"Peter has left the band, but will participate in future recordings with
the quartet." Sadly, that wasn't to happen...Big thats to
Fred Grandinetti for these nifty newspaper bits!

Above: A rare Spanish version of the MONKEES comic book, complete with
alternate cover (this one featuring a take from a '67 "rainbow room" music video session!

Above: A rare pic from the Monkees 1967 UK press conference!

Above: Let's flash forward to 1977, and this
promotional tennis match involving Micky
and Davy! From 16 MAGAZINE!

Above three images: From the pages of a 1978 punk rock mag, here is a very rare behind-the-scenes
look at Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart, posing for various 16 MAGAZINE promotional pics!

Above three images: And the results of the above photo sessions, as
they appeared in 1978 issues of 16 MAGAZINE! To see what the missing
Peter Tork was up to at the time, click here!

Above: From a 2017 issue of CLOSER magazine, here's a nice
little look back at the band, and the late, great Davy Jones...

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sensational Superhero Shirt! New 1979 Romita-Drawn HULK Shirt?! MarvelMania Strikes Again!

You read that title correctly! Here is an all-new terrific tee, but one spotlighting a rare 1979 sketch that was never meant to see the light of day! The rough drawing was done then by jocular John Romita, Sr., as part of the creation of the powerful painted cover of the famed Fireside HULK book collection of that time! You can read (and see all) right here to get the full story, but, in the meantime, click below to enlarge the image and enjoy, Marvelite!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gray Morrow! His Superhero Sketches! Spider-Man! Supergirl! Star Trek!

Sure, most comic art fans know the work of Gray Morrow, as he made quite a mark with his work for more horror and mystery comics than you could shake a broomstick at, but this criminally-underrated artist did very little actual work on the famed superheroes, much to many a fan's disappointment...But, direct from the pages of an early-70s issue of the MONSTER TIMES fanzine, here is a look at some of Gray's superior superhero sketches, not widely seen by comics fans! Click each image to enlarge!

Above: Gray had a style that featured just the right
combo of realism and superhero action! Wanna
see more of his version of Batman? Click here!

Above: Not exactly the Web-Spinner we're used to, but still
great! Gray had a fling with another Marvel superhero, as
you'll see below!

Above: Gray was not one for slavish attention to details, but I
kinda dig this take on Wonder Woman's outfit! 

Above: The artist also excelled at likenesses, as seen
in this STAR TREK image!

Above two images: Gray drew (with touch-ups by John Romita, Sr.) a terrific
back-up tale in CAPTAIN AMERICA #144, from 1971! This story
just happens to debut the Falcon's iconic red-and-white costume!

Above three images: Gray brings a new vibe to
Superman, Supergirl, and Batman (again!)

Above two images: A look at the high-flying
Hawkman and the jovial Joker, both from a 1975
color portfolio featuring Gray's work!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Here Comes--Daredevil! 1978 Frank Robbins Original Comic Art! Marvel Mirth!

Here's another powerful piece from my own comic art collection! Below is an original art page from the 1978 issue of DAREDEVIL #155! Drawn by the criminally underrated Frank Robbins, this page has been mine for many years, and showcases ol' DD in a series of street-swingin' action scenes! Robbins was a master at depicting movement, action, body language, and real drama! Click below to enlarge and enjoy!

Above, left: The fantastic Frank Robbins original DAREDEVIL art page, and (right), the printed version!
Note the many tiny details (such as razor-scraped motion lines) that were completely obliterated
in the final printed comic! Those indelible inks were supplied by Frank Springer!

Above: The artwork, displayed (along with printed pages and cover art), on my wall!

BONUS! Glance below to see the captivating cover that housed the above awesome artwork! Art by Gene Colan and Frank Springer!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Custom Mego Card Craziness! Catwoman! Rare Batgirl Figure! DC Comics!

I can't help myself. I have to create crazy custom cards for many of the action figures in my collection, be they original 70s issues, my own customs, or recent re-releases of the older gems! Click below to enlarge these indelible images of my new displays for two Mego Bat-blasts-from-the-past, Batgirl and Catwoman!

Above: That's right! It's one of the rare "screen-printed body suit" Batgirl
figures, made by Mego, briefly, in '74! The firm soon went to a different
type of outfit for the figure, making this version quite rare! I was lucky

to pick this up at a comics show, for a song!

Above: I wanted to create a custom card for the figure's display, one that reflected
the original toy graphics! So, I re-worked and re-figured the classic Carmine Infantino
art, and brought in familiar Mego card graphics and logos...

Above: Although her outfit and base figure are original issue,  I added
the custom glove fins, and a repo cape and helmet!

Above: The Batgirl custom card, featuring colossal Carmine Infantino art!
The logo was whipped up by Don Heck, BG's early 70s artist!

Above: The actual 1967 DETECTIVE COMICS cover from which the
above Batgirl card image was lifted (with a ton of re-figuring)!
Art by Carmine Infantino!

Above: Here is the recent (from Figures, Inc.) re-issue of the catty Catwoman!
I wanted a card that had the feel of the  original 70s Mego offerings, so...
Once I added the other Mego logos and graphics, a terrific display was born!

Above: The custom Catwoman card, featuring re-worked Neal Adams art!

Above: Here's the actual 1969 BATMAN comic cover from
which the above capering Catwoman image was lifted!
Art by Neal Adams!

Above: Both fabulous figures, displayed!